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Junior High- Wednesdays 7pm


Our Focus...

We want to grow Junior High students who will fall hopelessly in love with Jesus Christ and serve Him passionately as their Lord and Savior.

We long for our kids to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We want them to know God’s word and to desire His presence daily in their lives. We want them to experience small groups with adult leaders who will challenge their faith and prepare them for living out their Christian beliefs in the “real world” (Wed/Sunday mornings)

We desire to develop student worshipers who are passionate for God and long for His presence. (Worship as a lifestyle)

We seek students who have a heart for people, whether they are in the church or outside the church walls. We want to grow with compassion and learn to share God’s message of hope through actions as well as words. (Sunday morning serve at CCC/Drive By Christians/ Diamond Terrace/Mission trips)

Key: We Also seek want students to discover their spiritual gifts and use these gifts to build up the body of Christ.

We pray for students who will have a heart for their non-church friends and are able to communicate their faith through personal testimony and friendships where Christ is invited into the conversation.

We hunger for students who have a daily, personal relationship with God and live out that faith as they pray for others.

Have Fun! Be a Family!
We believe that a church that is sold out for Jesus will be a place where students want to be! We want them to have fun, build deep friendships, become a family and enjoy the abundant life that Jesus promised through Bible study, prayer, encouragement, fellowship, and accountability.

Have Questions? Our Directors of Youth Ministry Rachael Porter, Jamie Davis, & Mick Wakefield will be happy to help.

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