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Women Of The Word 2021/2022 Study


For many of us, Back-to-school means Back-to-Bible Study!  Come and join us as we connect, share and grow in our 2021-2022 season of WOW (Women of the Word), open to women of all ages! 

This year Pastor Shawn will lead us through our “WOW Warm Up” starting Sept 8th which is part of the church-wide 5 week “Re-Imagine More” study.  Then our main study “A Heart That Dances” will launch Oct 13 and be taught by Patty Robinson.  We look forward to seeing all God has in store for us as we dive in to explore how our relationship with Him is not just a walk, but it is a dance of the heart!  We often find ourselves focused on the things we can see, but God continues to look beyond all of that and chases after our hearts!

There are a number options for when, where and how you participate in WOW this year, so be sure to see if there’s one that fits your life and needs!