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Building Bridges

Every October over 150 CCC volunteers gather in about 20 work parties to serve those in need in our community.

We provide the materials needed and the hands to make it happen! Most projects are for home repair and general maintenance, but we also provide clothing and food for those in the Monument Corridor and other places of need in our own communities.

Here are some ways you can help!

    1. Help us identify projects to include in the event. Do you know someone — perhaps a single mom, military family, elderly or disabled person — who needs help with household tasks? Or a charitable organization that might need program help or facility repairs for a day? Ask them if we can be of assistance and then click the button below to register the project under the Project Proposal Attendee Type.


    1. Contact potential partnering organizations. If you work with an organization or company that might want to partner with us by providing volunteers, or could support us by donating financially or with materials, please let us know. We can provide (tax deductible) donation letters for all contributions.


    1. Set aside children and adult clothing, as well as books to donate. A huge Building Bridges project serves Concord’s Monument neighbors.  This involves donated clothing, books and lunch-prep for distribution on the big day (a kid-friendly volunteer project!). Start collecting now!


    1. Sign up as a volunteer. Besides physical labor projects, there will be plenty of opportunity for non-physical service projects, so everyone should be able to help.


    1. Pray for the continued success of Building Bridges. More than anything, we need God’s blessing and assistance in preparing for the event and carrying it out.

Join us Oct. 20th as we partner together to be the hands and feet of Jesus to our community.

To sign up to be a volunteer or to register a Work Project

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