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Small Groups

This is where discipleship happens.

Small groups at CCC is where discipleship happens. What is discipleship? Click here to learn more. We meet at various times throughout the week, and believe that it’s here, in these small communities of believers, where the real life of the Church takes place.

We find that growth best happens when we take part in small groups of believers. In these safe places, we can be known for who we really are, support one another in life’s challenges, become more like Jesus, and develop our spiritual gifts. Here, we focus on supporting each other in prayer, digging into Scripture, and equipping and encouraging each other in our unique identity as a unique, authentic, and powerful reflection of Jesus to the world around us.

Every group is different. Some meet every week, others every other week, and some once a month. Some of the groups include singing, some share a meal; all of them include time to share, pray and of course study the Bible. We do not study the Bible to simply inform what we know. Rather we let our study of Scripture help us get to know the Lord and encounter His power to transform us from the inside out and become more effective in sharing His love with others.

If you are looking for an authentic Christian community where you can be really known and challenged to grow in your faith, then we welcome you to come and join us.

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Rooted Series

A 10-week journey to discipleship

Too often discipleship is viewed as “what must I do to make it to heaven” rather than “what must I believe to release heaven around me?” When one talks about “spiritual disciplines” it often evokes images of a set of rules to become something you are not, verses tools to nurture what you already are because of Jesus. The “Rooted” series is a 10-week journey where we help you shift your perspective and discover how to get rooted in a vital and personal relationship with Jesus. Including how to live out your life with Jesus in the world where you live as well as this family of believers called Clayton Community Church. As followers of Jesus, we are called to change the world and we believe “Rooted” will help you do just that!

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