The past year has been no joke! Between a pandemic, racial justice movements, a long complicated election…we’ve all been through the ringer in one way or another! We believe that our mental, physical, and spiritual health are all connected, and when one is affected the others are, too.
That’s why “The Well” has decided to host a “Mental Health Night” for our students. We’ll have a special guest speaker joining us, and it’s gonna be SO GOOD! We’ve set up a survey where you can answer a couple of questions about mental health, anonymously ask questions, or tell us what topics you want to see covered! Click Here
And parents, we’ve got something good for you, too!
Join us on Instagram live to hear from our very own Elaine Pritchard. We’ll take your questions too, and hopefully give you some tools to help promote mental and spiritual health in your home.
For more info email: