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Learning To Communicate


Ever feel like you and your kid are speaking different languages? Do you ever get into arguments and leave them feeling more confused then when they started? Say no more, we’re here to help! Join us for a practical, hands-on communication workshop led by Sean Donohue. You’ll spend the night learning and practicing new skills you and your kids can use to be better communicators (and listeners!). It’s our prayer you will leave feeling better equipped, confident, and more closely connected to your student.

Open to Grades 5-12


Sean Donohue:

Over the last 20 years, Sean has led countless coaching sessions in living rooms, at Starbucks, while walking in the parks, and via video call…and about once a month, a family jokes with him, and asks if he would move in with them! Back in 2004, Sean saw the TV show SuperNanny …and was inspired! He said to his wife Danielle, "I would love to do that…help parents and teens…I should become the Teen SuperNanny!" Years later, that crazy idea a became a reality. Sean has mentored teenagers who have become Hollywood TV and film stars, YouTube stars, CEOs, TV and news personalities, reality television stars, business entrepreneurs, and college athletes. More importantly, Sean has helped thousands of young men and women become mature, kind, responsible, loving adults; many of whom have now become happy, healthy parents themselves. Sean did his undergrad at UCSD and has a Masters from Golden Gate. Sean enjoys sports, fishing, backpacking, concerts and connecting with his 5,000+ followers on Instagram