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We invite you to join our Women’s Ministry for a powerful night of worship, prayer and testimony.  On the third Friday of each month at 7 pm, we gather to hear how God has been working in each other’s lives in the big and everyday ways.

This Outpouring will be EXTRA SPECIAL! This month we will have the opportunity to “TASTE” different types of worship! Did you know that there are MANY ways to Worship our Jesus?? More than we can even go over in this one night, but we are going to showcase SEVERAL and give you the opportunity to tryout as many as possible!

Curious about Worship Flagging, Writing, Painting, Dancing, Soaking…?
THIS is your chance!
THIS is the permission we all sometimes need!
And THIS is a chance to go deeper with Jesus and see where He wants to take you!

We will gather as many supplies as possible for this incredible evening so as many people can try things out as possible, which is why we are asking for a nominal donation of $10 for our in-person participants. In-Person is highly recommended for this remarkable night to get the most out of it. ❤

WHEN: Friday, July 16th @ 6:30PM
WHERE: Hybrid via Zoom and In-Person
HOW MUCH: $10 donation for in-person (or use code: HELP for financial assistance)
Covid-19 protocols will be in place. Please bring your own mask and all children will be required to remain with their family.

To RSVP Please