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Small Groups

This is where discipleship happens.

We find that growth best happens when we take part in small groups of believers. In these safe places, we can be known for who we really are, support one another in life’s challenges, become more like Jesus.

If you are looking for an authentic Christian community where you can be really known, supported by other Jesus followers, and challenged to grow in your faith, then we welcome you to come and join us.


Re-Imagine More “Tenacious Faith”

The unapologetic courage of Elijah & Elisha: An all-church focus September 5 – October 4

We believe this is an important time in the life of our church. A time to finish strong with Imagine More. A time to position ourselves spiritually for the new season before us. Set aside time for this 5-week series. join with your church family in developing tenacious faith to thrive in this new season. What does that mean? 1) Join us (in-person or online) each week beginning Sunday, Sept. 5th 2) We don’t get to clarity alone. Join a discussion group (in person or online) to connect with one another for the 5-weeks.

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Church @ Home Plus

Church @ Home PLUS are groups meeting throughout the week to connect with both our local and online church family. Most of these groups are virtual allowing for connection with people all over the world. Here, we focus on supporting each other in prayer and discussions around the Sunday message and the Bible. Our discussions help us get to know the Lord better. When we encounter Jesus, He transforms us from the inside out and we become more effective in sharing His love with others.

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