Re-Imagine More: Small Groups

“Tenacious Faith”: The unapologetic courage of Elijah & Elisha

An all-church focus September 5 – October 4

We believe this is an important time in the life of our church. A time to finish strong with Imagine More. A time to position ourselves spiritually for the new season before us. Set aside time for this 5-week series. join with your church family in developing tenacious faith to thrive in this new season. What does that mean? 

1)     Join us (in-person or online) each week beginning Sunday, Sept. 5th 

2)     We don’t get to clarity alone. Join a discussion group (in person or online) to connect with one another for the 5-weeks. 

(NOTE: Our WOW group is also doing this study for the first 5 weeks. If you would like to be apart of the Wed 9am (In person/online) or Wed 7pm (Online) please sign up through the WOW registration page.)

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