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Meet Our Leaders


Shawn Robinson

Lead Pastor

Shawn Robinson is the founding pastor of Clayton Community Church which he and his family started with 12 friends over 20 years ago.

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Ron Musch

Executive Pastor

During Ron's ministry as a missionary and now as a pastor, he continues to see the Lord bring people to salvation, heal the sick, set people free and restored to their God-given destiny.

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Mick Wakefield

Worship Director

Mick has been involved in worship ministries since the age of 15 and leading worship since the age of 18. His heart is to see hearts and atmospheres change as we place worship at the center of all we do as a church.

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Jamie Davis

Production Manager

In 2015, Jamie came in a church merger to Clayton Community Church where he still serves as Production Manager and Assistant Worship Director.

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Catie Davis

Administrative Assistant

Catie loves organizing and is very task oriented. She’s worked in multiple administrative positions over the years from her college admissions office to Road Managing and overseeing “behind the scenes” operations for a touring national recording artist.

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Heinz Windt

Men's Ministry Director

Heinz Windt is the Men’s Ministry Director of Clayton Community Church (CCC). In our Men’s Ministry, it’s our desire to forge community where men can meet together to grow in their ability to seek God and grow in His wisdom.

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Jeanine Wakefield

Women's Ministry Director

Jeanine and her family have been attending Clayton Community Church for over 16 years. Jeanine loves how God created women to be relational.

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Rachael Porter

Student Ministries Director

Rachael Porter is the Student Ministries Director. She’s been attending CCC for over 10 years, and working with our youth for almost as long!

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Grace Babyan

College/Young Adults

"Hello! My name is Grace and I've been attending Clayton Community since I was four years old. As I grew up in the church, I've seen the consistent intention for community cemented into every ministry. As my university days are coming to an end, my desire for College/Young Adults remains: to create community as we 'do life' together and to create a warm, welcoming environment that is filled with Holy Spirit's presence and guidance."

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Leslie Leavitt

Children's Director

Leslie has attended CCC for 8 years, with 4 of those years serving in the elementary classes. She has a real heart for growing children in their faith and can’t wait to see where He will take us!

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Shermane Verduzco

Preschool Ministry Associate

Shermane is excited to be a part of God’s work in our church and looks forward to meeting all who have “little loved ones” in her preschool class.

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Raimee Gould

Toddler/Nursery Associate

Raimee Gould has been on CCC’s childrens ministry staff for almost 10 years. She has a degree in child & adolescent development and is motivated to share the love of Christ with little ones and their families.

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Sharon Calamusa

Financial Director

Sharon and her family have been a part of CCC for twenty years and she has been on staff for eight years. She's a math nerd who loves Jesus, loves people and loves numbers!

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